Cemeteries, Life Advice, and Anxiety Relief

Yesterday, I took a trip to Highgate Cemetery, which is something I like to do every now and again. Now, every time  I say that I tend to get odd looks; but, let me explain…

It’s a great place to go to think because no one will interrupt your stream of consciousness with small talk or anything. You’re able to to just peacefully walk through the paths, reading the various kind words that have been written on the tombstones. And let me tell you, that is a humbling experience.

You begin to reflect on your life and ask yourself questions. Have I done anything to make people in my life remember me in such a nice way? Have I told everyone how I feel about them? Is there something I could be doing better or with more love? It’s great really.

Visiting a cemetery makes you really think about the life you are living and helps you to regain focus on your future path. It reminds you that the choices you make matter. It reminds you of the sort of things people remember when someone has passed. They don’t think about their anxieties and whether or not they defined them as a person, their physical appearance, or how much money they made. By reading the messages etched into the stones, it becomes clear that the thing people remember most is how you touched their hearts. And as soppy as this will all make me sound, I think it’s so damn important to remember.

It was something I needed right now, as I have really been struggling with my anxiety. I recommend it to anyone who is going through anything at the moment and encourage you to message me if you want to talk.

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