Monthly Favourites || July

Hello everyone!

Right, so here is the first issue (not sure if that’s the appropriate word or not, but we’ll go with it for now) of my Monthly Favourites series!

Every month, I will share a collection of things that I have been absolutely loooving, which may include places, music, beauty products, books, and a variety of other things!

I really hope you enjoy reading this series as much as I know I will enjoy putting it together for you.

So, without further adieu, here are some of my favourite things from July!

Be sure to tell me some of the things you’ve been loving in the comments!


Just hover over the image above to see which number it corresponds with below! 
  1. Now, perfume is one of those things that I normally don’t take too many risks with. To be honest, I quite often find myself reaching for the exact same scent every time; however, this light spritz has tooootally changed my view on body sprays! This past month, I’ve been seriously obsessed with the light, fresh scent of “Vintage” from American Eagle. And it doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount either!

  2. This item is a bit on the pricier side, but I always think that lipstick is something that is worth splashing a bit more cash. Glastonberry” (cute cute cute) by Charlotte Tilbury is a long lasting, matte lipstick in a deep berry tone. It’s suuuper pigmented and the shape of the actual lipstick (a flat edge instead of a point) makes for easy application. Plus, it comes in a rose gold container which is just luuush. I highly recommend picking this guy up as autumn quickly approaches!

  3. While I am a loyal customer at Lush, I must say that I am dead chuffed with this lip balm from WideEye. This balm is from their Elements Collection and is in the scent Apricot and Shea. This little shop in Rye, which is a little town in East Sussex, England, is locally owned and uses all natural ingredients in all of their products. If you like Lush, you’ll love this stuff!

  4. Over the summer season, I tend to have a bit more time to do more reading and I couldn’t wait to crack open this book by Cecelia Ahern that I got for Christmas. Even though it took me aaaages to have time to read it, it only took me two days to read because I could not put it down! I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but let me just say this: if you find the idea of memories and their importance to life of interest, then I HIGHLY recommend this book to you!


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