Mini Clothing Haul || Soft Indie Grunge?


Listen, trying to put a label on your preferred style of dress is proper difficult; but, I think I’ve come to a somewhat fair conclusion.

Since basically everything I know about fashion has really just come from appreciating the aesthetic of people at music festivals I’ve never been to and frequent customers at local “hipster” cafes, I decided to go with what tumblr describes as “soft indie grunge.”

I know what you’re thinking…

Madds… what in the actual hell does that even mean?

Well, to tell you the truth… I haven’t the sliiiightest idea.

This existential crisis that is my style came about due to a combination of Buzzfeed quizzes, an embarrassing amount of time spent exploring the internet, and too many retail therapy sessions.

I’ve picked out some of my favourite items that I’ve purchased recently to share with you all because why not.

Hopefully these inspire you to try something new or immediately remove something off your list of things to try… either way, I hope you enjoy reading this!


Just hover over the image to see which number it corresponds with below.
  1. MOTO Light Bleach Mom Jeans ($52) – These jeans are from Topshop, which is one of my absolute favourite shops. Some of their stuff is a bit on the pricer side, but honestly it’s so worth the investment because the stuff is of TOP quality. Anyway, I basically wanted a pair of mom jeans for AGES and these ones fit so well. They’re more snug in the waist bit which prevents you from looking shapeless. They are loose and comfy, but hug in the right places. Suuuper chuffed with this purchase, man, I must say.
  2. Matilda Chunky Chelsea Boots ($35) – I have a bit of an obsession with boots, so when I found these guys on I put them “straight in my basket” (bonus points if you know that reference). They’re a great alternative to the traditional combat boots and provide a bit of an edge to any outfit with their chunky appearance. We’re sole-mates… #dadjoke
  3. Ribbed Knit Sweater ($18) – I sort of bought this top from Forever21 because I used to have one just like it when I was a kid for my Barbies, but also because it is THE softest thing ever. It comes in two colours, but, of course, I preferred the autumnal toned one.  It’s not a cropped cut, but it’s also not super long – the perfect length, really.
  4. Graphic Tee ($13) – Simple tees with little embroidered patches on them are something I am really into at the moment. This cropped graphic tee from Forever21 has a little “No Cameras” symbol embroidered on it, which I think is just too cute. This is another item that is just sooo soft that I could not pass it up.


MOTO Light Bleach Mom Jeans – Topshop

Chunky Chelsea Boots –

Striped Sweater – Forever21

Embroidered Tee – Forever21




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