Leaving Footprints || Totnes

One of my favourite travel quotes is, “Take only photographs, leave only footprints.” I feel like this really reveals an important message about travelling and how imperative it is to respect the places you go. You are a guest in places around the world and remembering that is one of the key things that make a difference between being a traveller and being a tourist.

Thanks to that quote and love of travelling, I am starting a “Leaving Footprints” series on my blog where I will talk about some of my favourite place I’ve been!

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures and that it inspires you to go out and see somewhere new!


These photos are all from the holiday I spent with my best mate in Totnes, Devon.

We originally chose to go to the little market town because it seemed to be the perfect hippie getaway for our old souls, and it was even more perfect than we could have ever imagined!

The people were all incredibly friendly and welcoming. Totnes seemed like one of those town where everyone knows each other and they frequent the same shops or pubs every week. Dogs were allowed in the pubs, people waved and smiled at each other from across the road, and travellers were gladly accepted into the Totnes family while visiting – it was an ideal holiday.


Since we wanted the most authentic hippie-dream experience, we immediately checked out what was available on Air BnB (which if you haven’t tried using when looking for accommodation on your travels, you deeefinitely should). After narrowing down our search criteria, we stumbled upon this little caravan… it was love at first sight and we booked it right away.

IMG_0746When we arrived at the location, there was a metal gate that opened to a small concrete staircase. After walking down the steps, a little dirt path was revealed that led through the trees and along the
River Dart. There were boats lined up in the middle of the water set against the backdrop of houses neatly in a row, all framed by the leaves of perfectly green trees. The scene looked like something from a postcard or a painting, and it looked even more beautifully when the sun began to set.

The next morning, I was woken up by the sound of growling lions… i.e. my stomach. I was staaarving. Beth and I set out into town to find somewhere to grab something and discovered what looked like a bright yellow lemonade stand. Turns out, this place had another entrance around the side and was a vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free friendly cafe! Where had this place been all my life, I mean… honestly. I had the absolute best scones and an apple cider flavoured tea that was absolutely lush. Fat Lemons is the one.

After we drank our body weights in tea, we went to explore the town centre. There is a street that runs through the centre called Fore Street, which turns into High Street as you make your way along it. You know when you’ve reached the High Street because you have to go under the beautifully designed archway in the clocktower, which sort of feels like the passage to Narnia or something.

The Totnes High Street has some really amazing shops. One of them, Gazebo, is owned by the mother of one of my friends from Royal Holloway! All of the shops do the most amazing things, and all of them have their own charm or je ne sais quoi that really makes you want to pop in.

The time I spent in Totnes is something I think about often and will never forget. I hope to be back in this charming, quirky, friendly, all-around-superb town very soon!

Comment down below one place that you will never forget visiting!


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