Auditions, Step-Stools, and Pill Bugs

As a theatre major, audition dates and rehearsal dates can start to pile up and it becomes difficult to look ahead to the future….So, I invested in a step-stool.

Actually, I purchased the one-foot-high stool in order to help me reach the shelves in my dorm room my second year of uni; but, it did get me thinking.

When things in life (like audition dates) do start to pile up, it becomes difficult to rationally think about and organise them. Sometimes you need that little lift to peer up over the stack of information to look at it from a new perspective.

Panic! At The Disco released a song a while back that is based off of the idea of seeing things from “new perspectives.” A section of the lyrics reads, “maybe if I continue watching, I’ll lose the traits that worry me.” This idea encompasses what I’m talking about. If you keep looking at something long enough and from different angles, you will lose the anxiety and fear and be able to tackle the beast rationally.

Be like a pill-bug, man.

“Did she just say…pill bug?”

I did. Hear me out.

When I was in my first year of uni, I had to examine the little woodlice as part of an experiment – science is weird, I know. I learned that pill bugs are known for curling up into a ball when they feel threatened. Ever wonder why? My theory is that they get scared of whatever is going on around them, so they think, “Whoa, man. This stuff is freaking me out. I can’t handle it. Let me roll up into myself so I can think about this rationally.”

….These are my opinions. These are my thoughts. These are my choices.

Anyway, they look at things from a different angle, and are able to then come back out from their roundness, and move about their life.

So, while you’re going through life making lists of all you have to get done, jump up on an imaginary step-stool, and become the pill-bug I know you can be.


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