Music, Bandanas, and Way Too Much Glitter

Something I’ve always wanted to experience was the absolute madness of a music festival, and last month I got to do just that.

In February, a few friends of mine from work were telling me about this music festival in Tennessee (Bonnaroo) that they were thinking of going to. The idea of a diverse music and arts festival was  really tempting, but at first  I wasn’t sure if this was something I could bring myself to spend a decent amount of money on. I reminded myself that nothing is guaranteed in life, so it’s important to fully embrace each moment because you never know what’s around the corner. I decided that making the frivolous decision to go to a music festival and cross something off my bucket list was an adventure I really wanted to add to my life journey.

So, I packed up my favourite tie-dye things, copious tubes of sunblock, and went on a road-trip to Tennessee.

If you ever plan to head to Tennessee in the dead of summer, then there is one crucial tip you need to keep in mind:

  1. WATER.

“Madds, that isn’t a tip, it’s a word.”

Yeah, yeah, okay. Listen, go there and stand outside for approximately twenty minutes (ten if you’re a porcelain creature like me), and then try and tell me that isn’t the best tip you’ve ever received.

Jokes aside, it was hot, hOt, HOT! If I hadn’t guzzled water every minute, I’m fairly positive that I would have turned to dust.

Oh! Also! Life Hack: Get our bandana wet and tie it around your neck to keep cool.

I’m sure that someone has done this before, in fact it’s probably a common usage for bandanas. NONETHELESS, I am sharing this with you in the event you’ve never thought about it because I’m pretty sure it saved my life.

Alright, enough about that. Let me give you a brief summary about the actual festival.

It was dope.

That’s it, thanks for reading!

I’m kidding, but truly it was brilliant.

It was just so… positive. Each morning when everyone walked from their campsite to the main centre where all of the stages were set up, there was a massive high five chain as people passed each other in the long queue to get in.

I have never experienced something so surreal in this way. It was like no one’s differences mattered anymore because we all came to this one place and were united by the music. To be honest, it was sort of beautiful.

There was talk around the internet and amongst people we knew that there was this post-festival blues sort of thing that people go through when they come back from these things, but I didn’t feel that. I reckon this was partially because the temperature bothered my skin so much that I got a heat rash, so I couldn’t wait to be back in Ohio where the weather was still tolerable. But the other reason I think I was immune to this is because it was such a special feeling to be in that environment and surrounded by such positive attitudes that it had to be something that only lasted for a few days.

I guess what I’m saying is that I wouldn’t have wanted to experience that sort of environment everyday of m life because it would lose its effect. It’s impossible to appreciate something if you’ve never encountered it’s opposite. For example, you could not really appreciate the beauty of autumn trees if you had never seen the bare trees of winter because you would have nothing to compare it to, you wouldn’t know there was a difference.

So, as nice as it was to feel the radiation of positivity wherever we went, I wasn’t really down after coming back to daily life. I was grateful for the experience and I have carried those positive feelings with me.

I really rate music festivals and highly recommend going to one if you ever get the chance. Just remember that when it comes to an end that you needn’t mourn its passing, rather you should appreciate the new outlook and experience it gave to you. Oh, and keep in mind one more thing… there is, in fact, such a thing as way too much damn glitter.



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